Welcome to Botha Kelder

Come and celebrate Shiraz with us from the 11 to 17 June 2018

Seven days of Shiraz and Venison: Botha Kelder Shiraz & Botha Kelder Shiraz Reserve paired with venison pie.


With rainfall at record lows and the possibility of an earlier than expected budbreak, there are feelings of uncertainty around the impact of the current drought and how this will affect the production of wine going forward. Groundwater levels are becoming low and extensive monitoring thereof is underway, but groundwater does not make up for lack of rain. It is predicted that the current status quo will continue and it is therefore imperative that grapegrowers will need to develop contingency plans to draw on extensive resources and information exchanges that will benefit everyone. The amount of water available will determine yields. A water shortage will mean that growers could be looking at greatly reduced yields, come harvest next year. Despite the possibility of lower yields, the water shortage will not necessarily have an impact on the quality of the grapes. July 2017 Dam levels are as follows: Berg River 40%, Brandvlei 20%, Bulshoek 54%, Clanwilliam 27%, Keerom (Nuy) 41%, Misverstand 104%, Steenbras 82%, Stettynkloof 84%, Theewaters-Kloof 21%, Voelvlei 22% Wemmers-Hoek 37%.