Botha Kelder will be fusing all the good things together on Saturday 14 October - National Pinotage day.

Come celebrate with Botha Kelder, South Africa’s most famous home-grown grape. Delicious roosterkoeks with spicy salami filling, wholesome aromatic bobotie mini-cups, juicy boerewors, tasty biltong and PINOTAGE and more PINOTAGE! Get in touch with Botha Kelder 023 355 1740. #pinotageday

Spring Photo competition

Our panel of winemakers has weighed in and voted…..And the winner of our September Dassie’s Chenin Blanc photo competition is…..Drum Roll Please…..Jurie Venter!! Congratulations Jurie, we thought your photo taken on National Braai Day was fabulous! Jurie has won a case of Botha Kelder wines and a lunch for two at the awesome Bosjes Kombuis. Thank you Jurie for supporting Botha Kelder.

Pioneer Rally

Botha Kelder was one of the proud sponsors of the 2016 Pioneer Rally. The Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired in Worcester, the care capital of South Africa, hosted its eleventh annual Pioneer Rally over the weekend. The rally kicked off on 19 November from the Audi Centre Somerset West to Worcester, ending in a Gala Dinner at ATKV Goudini Spa. There were 38 visually impaired navigators and 38 celebrity drivers. An incredible day was had by all with the profit generated through this event going to the Pioneer School in aid of their learners with special educational needs in two focal groups, namely visually impaired learners and visually impaired learners with multiple learning barriers including deaf-blind learners.

Breedekloof Wine Valley hosts celebration month leading in festive season

Cape Town - Wine-lovers, are you paying attention!?

The Breedekloof Wine Valley winemakers have had such an incredible year that they’ve decided to celebrate their collective achievements with a whole month of festivities ahead of the summer season.

The Platter’s, the Michelangelo’s, the Veritas - you name it - the wine, mostly Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, bottled in the Breedekloof Valley are more decorated than many of our Christmas trees with awards!

The success of the Breedekloof’s wine region’s pioneering Chenin Blanc initiative at last year’s international Cape Wine 2015 showcase has led to the formation of Breedekloof Makers, a band of like-minded winemakers committed to emphasising the quality of wines being made in the region, as well as accentuating the diverse terroir pockets.

According to Attie Louw from Opstal Winery in Slanghoek, one of the Breedekloof’s wards, Breedekloof Makers is the result of a journey that he and a group of fellow winemakers began three years ago with the idea to craft small, boutique productions of Chenin Blanc in limited volumes.

Louw and his fellow visionaries committed to each making a limited volume of Chenin Blanc from grapes grown on specially selected sites on the participants’ various properties. The result?

Award-winning wine and an overall change in the way people think about wine production in the Breedekloof Valley.

In recognition of this benchmark year, visitors to the picturesque Breedekloof Wine Valley can expect to experience the true generosity of its people, as each of the wineries will host and spoil visitors with picnics, unique food and wine pairings, craft beer and gin tastings and more.

When: From 15 November to 17 December

Why we love it?
Tastings are free!

Tastings will be done free of charge from 15 November to 17 December at all participating wineries*. We also love that the prices of the wines range from R75 to R190 at the cellars. And during this celebration month, all wineries will offer free wines with purchases of 12 bottles of wine and more.

It’s just a stone’s throw from the city

If you’re looking to beat the Cape Town craze during the bumper summer season, you can’t ask for a better escape than the Breedekloof. Although it’s situated only an hour’s drive from Cape Town, it feels as if it is a million miles away.

The locals are lovely

Really, genuinely lovely. When you head to a cellar for a tasting, it’s very likely you’ll walk away a friend richer

What we really love, however, is that the wine-makers have dedicated their time to be at the tasting centres to answer all questions and tell visitors exactly what went into producing the wines during the celebration month. So if you’re after a personalised wine-tour experience, this is the place to go.

Diwine hacks With Annamarie

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day with a tall glass of vino.

But what if your white wine isn’t cold enough yet, your trusty corkscrew breaks, or you slop red wine down your favorite white button up?

Never fear, because we rounded up the best tips that every oenophile should know.

Vine & Wine

BOOK NOW for our Vine & Wine tractor rides. Our Wine & Vine tractor rides will take you on a journey through the vineyards with a wine tasting nestled between the vines. Vine & Wine will take place every Saturday during the Breedekloof Celebration Month. Departure times will be : 10am, 12pm & 2pm. There are only 10 seats available per trip… is free of charge but booking is essential. Contact Lizandri, 023 355 1740 or

Cape vineyards hit by ‘devastating’ black frost

Thursday 20 October 2016

A week of unexpectedly cold spring weather resulted in black frost descending on several pockets of vineyards in the Western Cape. Photo: ANA / Breedekloof Wine Valley

CAPE TOWN - Farmers in the Breedekloof Wine Valley in South Africa were still assessing the damage on Thursday following a night of widespread black frost, described as “the most devastating frost the valley has seen in 21 years”, a week before.

Black frost occurs when the temperature falls below zero but the air is too dry for hoarfrost, the visible frost, to be produced. Without the protective formation of the needle-like ice crystals a ‘dry freeze’ results in internal freezing and death of vegetation, which develop a blackened appearance.

A week of unexpectedly cold spring weather in the Western Cape resulted in black frost descending and affecting several pockets of vineyards in the valley, notably areas around the town of Rawsonville, on Wednesday night last week.

A week later the full effect was becoming clear on Thursday as whole blocks of vines had started to turn black and shrivel up.

It is feared that the effect of the black frost will spread across South Africa’s wine industry since the Breedekloof Wine Valley supplies an estimated 26 percent of its annual harvest to wineries elsewhere in the country.

“There are producers in the valley that are estimating a 50 percent decline in production on their 2017 harvest. Some vineyards are completely written off for the 2017 harvest,” said Nicholas Bruyns, viticulturist at UniWines Vineyards, which manages several farms in the area.

Pieter Cronje, also from UniWines Vineyards, said: “Facing possible short supplies, our main concern is maintaining our loyal domestic and export customers, and getting through a challenging financial year.”

The managing director and cellar master at Bergsig, De Wet Lategan, added: “For the first time in the history of Breedekloof, we might not have enough grapes to serve buyers demand.”

Willie Burger, cellar master at Badsberg Cellar, said he believed the damage would be worse than that inflicted by drought on the 2016 harvest. He added that the frost would also have a long-term effect.

“Many farmers are cancelling their orders for new plantings as they are preparing for the financial burden of half-filled production cellars running at full capacity,” he said.
Article by ENCA News

Gravel & Grape 2017

The third annual Gravel & Grape Extreme three-day MTB event is taking place from 5-7 May 2017. The route has been crafted to reflect the rugged nature of the Breedekloof Wine Valley, but also to show its gentler side. Stunning views, unique scenery, and three or two days of pure mountain biking will leave you gasping for more.The Gravel and Grape Extreme is also a showcase of the regions quality wines, hearty country food, majestic mountains, vineyards and sparkling rivers.Featuring some of the gnarliest, purest, expertly hand-cut singletrack in the country, the Gravel & Grape Extreme is an event that takes mountain biking back to its roots.


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Why are roses planted in vineyards?

The roses at the end of each row of vines added a lovely romantic touch! In fact the reason they are planted is not aesthetic at all, it’s very functional and is practiced world-wide. Roses and grapes are susceptible to the same disease but the roses are more sensitive and act as an early warning signal for mildew which is a fungal disease. Action can be taken to treat the vines – they can be sprayed with fungicides once the mildew is detected.