The wine has a lustrous green-gold hue with a multidimensional aroma of dried peaches, ripe tropical fruit and flavours of spring. The wine’s palate displays a well-rounded richness of flavour and good acidity, with notes of peaches and almonds adding to the rewarding complexity.

Origin: Breedekloof, South Africa

Cultivar: 100% Chenin blanc


Soil: Fernwood – sandy with medium organic content

(Adjacent the Breederiver)

Block is known to the workers as : the island / eiland

Years were the rainfall is high the block will be surrounded with water as the Breederiver were in flood. This didn’t happen in the last 10/15 years.


Elevation: 200m above sea level Yield: 4.5 Tons / Ha (2017 vintage 14.5tons)

Trellis System: Bush Vines (planted east –west) 2.7m x 1.2m

Age of Vines: 30 years

Irrigation: Dry land


Alcohol: 13.5%
Sugar: 5.6g/l
Acid: 6.6g/lt


Earlier ripening. Rainfall was much lower in ripening season. The groundwater table lower than normal. More intense aromas then in previous vintage.

The winemaking goal is to be fruit driven and to use natural fermentation for complexity on the palate. We aim not to overpower the wine with too much new wood and used larger barrels for fermentation.

Harvest Type: Hand picked

Crushing: Destemmed and Crushed, Clarification via flotation.

Fermentation: 25-28days barrel fermented. 42% Natural fermentation, 58% Inoculated yeast : QA23, CY3079. 20% Malolactic fermentation. 35% new wood (500lt FO barrel).

Tanks: Fermentation in barrels and maturation on lees in barrels for 10 months. Normal bâtonnage (once very week for 4 weeks)



This well-balanced and medium bodied wine displays the true characteristics of Breedekloof. Green-gold colour with multidimensional aromas of lime, orange blossoms , sun-kissed ripe stone fruit with tones of lemon zest. Artistically played with larger barrels and old wood to finish off with subtle hints of oak, raw almonds but still preserving the tropical refreshing, lingering finish.

Origin: Breedekloof, South Africa

Cultivar: 100% Chardonnay


Soil: Alluvial soil near the Breederiver


Yield: 13.5 Tons / Ha

Trellis System: Three wire extended perold

Age of Vines: 21 years planted 1997

Irrigation: Drip Irrigation

Alcohol: 13.79%
Sugar: 5.0 g/l
Acid: 7.4 g/l
pH: 3.16


Harvest Type: Hand picked

Crushing: Destemmed and Crushed

Fermentation: Only free run juice went to the barrels. 100% French Oak barrels 30% new oak 500lt Centre de france D&J, 70% older barrels 3-4jr, 100% Inoculated yeast: Q Citrus, CY3079, AWRI 796 and V7. 28 -36 days barrel fermented. 30% Malolactic fermentation. Batonnage once a week for the first month, thereafter once a month for 3 months.

Maturation in barrels for 8 months