Wine Portfolio


Our Inspired Selection wine portfolio is a dedication to our winemakers’ chosen profession and their creative insight journey of self-discovery, the cultivation of their intuition and the awakening of their creative passions. This process inspired the brand name Amyah. It is thought to be that of Hebrew origin with meanings such as; creative insight, most loved, creative force, inquisitive and uncertainty. Uncertainty is the negative hurdle which has inspired our winemakers’ intuitive thinking and their creative executions, allowing them to move forward with confidence in a highly competitive wine world.

Valley Selection

Our Valley Selection wine portfolio takes its name from the land that our grape producers have grown their vines over many generations. Their vineyards stretch far and wide carpeting the beautiful Breedekloof Wine Valley, a region synonymous with world class wines. These wines are all about authenticity and a sense of place, with our winemakers and our producers striving to get the best from every vintage.

Social Range

All-time favourite! One of most user friendly wine range on the market. The ideal everyday, anytime wine, that will stand proudly on any social table.